Monday, October 8, 2018

Lordship salvation 主權救恩的爭議

salvation and lordship are equally important, but they are not equal.

"There is a vast difference between being saved and being a disciple. Not all men who are saved are disciples although all who are disciples are saved. In discussing the question of discipleship, we are not dealing with a man's salvation. We are dealing with a man's relationship to Jesus Christ as his Teacher, his Master, and his Lord. More than 250 references are made to disciples in the gospels. One cannot read through the gospels that record the earthly life of Jesus Christ without recognizing that the relationship which existed between Christ and these men whom He called to be His disciples was a unique and special relationship. It was a personal and intimate relationship - a relationship based on the knowledge of the person of Christ, a love for the person of Christ, submission to the person of Jesus Christ, and obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ."

J. Dwight Pentecost. Design for Discipleship: Discovering God's Blueprint for the Christian Life (Kindle Locations 32-37). Kindle Edition.

Those who insist on Lordship salvation maintain that our position is one of “easy believism” or “cheap grace.” Ryrie rightly objects to this charge by noting that “it is not easy to believe, because what we ask the unsaved person to believe is not easy. We ask that he trust a Person who lived 2,000 years ago, whom he can only know through the Bible, to forgive his sins. We’re asking that he stake his eternal destiny on this” (Basic Theology, p. 339, emphasis in the original). Salvation is free. Lordship is very costly. Faith is a gift bestowed by God upon unbelievers. Discipleship is a commanded work of obedience for believers. Both faith and discipleship are absolutely important, the one for salvation, and other for sanctification. To deny the difference between saviorhood and lordship is to distort the gospel--and that is dangerous!

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